Lara’s Cuisine Products


Our Classic basil Pesto is made exclusively with handpicked ingredients:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 24 Mos aged Parmesan Cheese and raw pine nuts.

Very simple and yet so rich in flavor, you will be delighted and probably get addicted.

This intriguing twist on traditional pesto is a versatile pantry essential for quick

appetizers, entrees and sauces. Black Olive Pesto rocks as marinade.

Treat your taste buds!!

Tomato pesto's rich, full bodied taste is a classic on ravioli, pasta, and a fine

accompaniment to most grilled or roasted meat. A flavorful dipping that can also

be used for a healthy sandwich or bruschettas.


This unique creation is ideal to dress different types or regional Italian pasta, but also

great to enrich white meats, salads or to enhance special dish fishes. Enjoy it.

This tasty and healthy red onion relish pairs perfectly withcheeses, hors d'oeuvres,

meat or fish courses, as well as pizzas and sandwiches.

It delivers its best flavors when served warm or caramelized.

A delicious blend of Red and Yellow bell peppers creates this naturally sweet relish.

It pairs superbly with rice, as well as meat or fish courses.

It will also add extra flavor to your vegetarian meals.

Boost your mood and energy with a truly superfood pesto.

Seasonal product, only available at Farmers Market.

A refined combination of artichokes, parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar...just excellent.

Exquisite with Pasta or to make Salad dressings.

Delicious on crostini as an appetizer and on grilled vegetables.

Check our website for more recipes and tips.


A great HOT Pesto to spice up your appetizers, pasta sauces, crostini or any of your preferred recipes.

Use it to marinate your meat or fish dishes. Mix it with cream cheese as well

for a great spicy dipping. Buon Appetito!!!


Excellent relish with a bit of spice to be used on salads, appetizers, crostini and pasta.

An authentic Italian Specialty.


Enjoy your appetizers, crostini or bruschettas with this Italian Classic Specialty.